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Why Impact Press?

Finally a Training Aid that Works

Bill Schmedes III invented a training iron that automatically puts you into the right downswing & impact positions as you swing. 

Golfers of all levels can learn faster and easier than ever before to feel proper mechanics leading up to and through impact.

Impact Press has been named a Best Golf Product of 2020 & Best of the Best: Top 10 Golf Product!


Impact Press Provides Tour Caliber Impact!

Nick Williams, NFL Receiver

"Love this training aid! As a new golfer the Impact Press gives me the feedback I need to improve how I deliver the club into impact."

Gary Gilchrist, Top 50 Coach

"As a golf coach, I’m always looking to simplify the process. The Impact Press does this as it allows the golfer to naturally react to the design allowing for improved impact."

Tim Cooke, Top 100 Coach

"One of the best training aid designs I’ve seen in quite some time! I like how it forces a golfer to instinctively react to its design."

Press Forward with the Impact Press

Start Smashing the Ball Up to 20 Yards Longer with this Brand-New Device Invented by One of America’s Best Young Golf Teachers

Ever wonder how the pros can swing easy and still hit the ball a country mile?

It’s because they store their power on the downswing and release it where it matters most: at IMPACT.

Here’s the good news: anyone can learn how to do this.

And it just got a LOT easier with the IMPACT PRESS, a brand-new club invented by PGA Professional Bill Schmedes III, one of Golf Digest’s “Best Young Teachers in America.”

Top-Rated Training Aid

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  • Before & After

  • Before & After

  • How Impact Should Look

Before & After

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Before & After

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Before & After

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How Impact Should Look

See More Reviews

Why you are going to Love your Impact Press

-Gain 5, 10, even 20 additional yards on your shots!

-Immediately understand what powerful, efficient impact FEELS like

-Use it with or without hitting balls

-Use it indoors & outdoors

-Automatically improve your wrist & shoulder positions

-Automatically improve your turn, tilt & angle of attack

-Automatically improve your weight shift

Bill Schmedes III, Awards & Honors

  • golftips top 30 instructors
  • golf digest best teachers america
  • golf digest best young teachers
  • top 50 kids coach us kids golf
  • future champions master coach golf swing

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