It all started on the lesson tee!

In 2017 the first version of the Impact Press was made out of desperation during a lesson using a club repair room, demo equipment, and some serious will! 

Four versions later and a few years following that day we have a finished product!

Who invented the Impact Press Golf Training Aid?

Bill Schmedes III, a PGA teaching professional, and one of America's Best Teachers is behind the Impact Press golf training aid. Bill has been awarded by Golf Digest as a Best Young Teacher in America & Best in State. Golf Tips Magazine named him to their Top 30 Instructor list, US Kids has named him a Top 50 Kids Coach in the USA, and Future Champions Golf awarded him a Top 25 Elite Junior Coach in the USA as well as a Master Coach. Bill has been featured in Golf Magazine, Golf Channel, Golf Digest, Golf Tips Magazine, and MET Golfer to name a few. He's also assisted 16+ players on the PGA, LPGA, European,Ferry Corn & Future's tour. He's well known in the golf instruction world for his swing expertise.

Our promise!

This product was developed by a passionate, golf nut, that just happens to teach the game of golf for a living. We put every once of our being into providing you the best golf instruction products possible. We're not here to make a buck, we're here to continue to help golfers improve at all costs. The Impact Press golf training aid is just the first product in our cycle that will help golfers of all ages and abilities. We have plans for additional golf equipment products that will branch off the Impact Press to allow for you to continue to improve! From one passionate golfer to another, we're here for you and your game, and will do whatever it takes to help bring a little more joy to this incredible game!